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Our Story

We wanted to get healthy, lose (a lot of) weight, and put the ‘pre-diabetic’ diagnosis behind us. What started from there, was a journey to learn, unlearn, re-learn and bring a group of people together to achieve great results.

The Founders of Keto Chef started this as an Kitchen Project.The first 2-3 weeks of experimentation and excitement went by quickly. Then came the struggle to find Keto recipes that didn’t take too long to prepare, didn’t need much thinking or a plethora of ingredients to put together, or simply needing a quick and easy option once in a while.

When it’s only you in the family following the Keto protocol, it can get hard to juggle multiple responsibilities everyday. We found ourselves staring at an open fridge, fighting time, staving off cravings, unable to think up any more recipes….. yup, this problem needed a solution!

This is how Ketochef was born.

We provide ready-to-eat, honest, tasteful, flexible, convenient Keto meals, treats and substitute foods to people following the Ketogenic diet.

In 2023, Rachana handed over the reins to the the current owners; Ancy and Tinu, along with their children, Alia and Geny.

With the new owners our core focus remains the same with adding more value to our customers.We offer suitable meals for anyone looking for healthy and convenient options that are macro-balanced and calorie-controlled.

Why Us?

There is nothing we take more seriously than honest food. We make 'going Keto' easy and delicious. Ready-to-eat, honest, tasteful, flexible, convenient Keto meals, treats and substitute foods for people following the Ketogenic diet. Customize your order to fit your taste and your lifestyle.

We'll take care of the rest.

What's for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner for that matter?

Nothing but YUM! 

What customers say about us

My doctor told me that I needed to do something about my weight. That was the reason I started Keto and was fortunate to find Ketochef. The food is amazing, helped me lose more than 20 Kgs, keeps my energy levels so high that after a full day at work, I can still come home to energetic kids and enjoy family time. My entire family loves their sweet treats, breads and are slowly making healthier food choices. Thank you Ketochef, you have really turned my life around!


Where were you when I was on Keto?! I'm now on my second round and OMG, you have saved me so much time and effort, it's unbelievable. I love how easy it was to find options that suited my taste, making everything so convenient. I can rest assured that my meals are made with real ingredients and I am choosing the best I can for my health and future lifestyle.


I didn't believe my sister when she said the food tasted great so I gave it a try just to prove her wrong. But I was genuinely surprised at the quality and taste of the food Ketochef sent. You can feel the difference and it's hugely appreciated!


After a tiring day at work, then at the gym, I was rarely cooking healthy meals for myself. Cooking for the fam was tiring enough and I ended up with eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner some days..... After trying Ketochef's meals, all I can say is that I have not had more delicious food even from before starting Keto! You guys are lifesavers, seriously!


I've tried making bread myself, I bought some from stores as well, but Ketochef's Vegan bread is just perfect. Their meals are super-delicious with authentic tastes and flavours. I really couldn't have asked for more, Thank you!